High Tech Appliances for Your Laundry

Fortunately for us, modern people, the days when the laundry was hand washed and air dried are long gone. These days, we have a wide variety of high-tech appliances that effectively clean and de-wrinkle our laundry in no time. If you want to find out which are the best high-tech appliances for laundry, read the following lines.

Samsung WF12F9E6P4W washing machine

You can’t clean your laundry without a washing machine, and the most high-tech model on the market is definitely the Samsung WF12F9E6P4W. It comes at the price of around $1400. The Smart Control feature of this innovative washing machine allows you to take control over the appliance from wherever you are via your smartphone. For example, it allows you to start or stop the machine’s cleaning cycle. Also, it allows you to monitor finishing alerts, cycle selections, and the remaining time of the cycle. The Eco Bubble technology that it features generates cleansing bubbles that penetrate the fabrics faster than concentrated detergent, giving you clean laundry while keeping the environment safe. In addition, the VRT Plus technology that it uses reduces noise and vibration while the washing machine operates for the unit to not distract you while you’re sleeping or doing various activities.

LG Smart ThinQ DLEX6001V dryer

To dry your clothes in the smartest way possible, you must use the LG Smart ThinQ DLEX6001V dryer. To purchase this innovative clothes dryer you must spend around $1400. The smart technology that it features allows you to monitor and control the dryer even when you’re not at home, all with the help of your smartphone. The touchscreen that the dryer features makes it intuitive and easy to use. It has an impressive 7.3 cubic feet capacity. In addition, the 14 cycles that it features ensure that you will find the perfect cycle for your batch of laundry.

Rowenta IS9200 clothes steamer

Of course, the list of high-tech appliances for laundry care isn’t complete without the addition of the Rowenta IS9200 clothes steamer. This amazing de-wrinkling appliance comes at the price of around $120. In addition to effectively removing wrinkles, it sanitizes and deodorizes the laundry as well. The impressive 160-ounce capacity removable water tank that it features offers up to 2 and a half hours of continuous steam. The unit takes only 60 seconds to heat up and get ready for use. It features automatic shut-off when the tank runs out of water. Also, it features a convenient soft-touch handle that stays cool while in use. This makes the clothes steamer safe and convenient to use.