Gadgets that Help You Monitor and Control Indoor Humidity

The air humidity indoors influences how comfortable you feel as well as the aspect of your house, given that it is related to mold and mildew problems. In order to maintain the proper air humidity level, you need to keep an eye on the air quality and use the most efficient gadgets that boast the latest technologies, like the ones we have selected for you.

Foobot Humidity Controller

When it comes to controlling the humidity at home, you need a humidistat that measures the air moisture and lets you know when the levels are oscillating too much. Foobot is a gadget that monitors many parameters of your indoor air, including the humidity levels. Once it detects how moist the air is, its led bulbs start to change color so you will know there is something wrong with your air quality. You can also have all the data uploaded to an app on your smartphone so you will get a closer look at how clean the air is. Besides being extremely useful, this gadget is also very stylish, in a futuristic white design that makes it look like a decorating object.

VicTsing Mini Home Touchscreen Dehumidifier

Some areas of the house tend to get more humid than others, especially the bathroom where steam levels get very high. If you experience this situation, it’s best to check bathroom dehumidifiers reviews and see which device is powerful enough to handle large amounts of air moisture. For smaller rooms, you can always use a more compact and stylish device like the VicTsing Mini. While most dehumidifiers come in a boring design, this sleek gadget combines aesthetics and functionality in the best way. The VicTsing is a touch sensitive dehumidifier that you only need to tap slightly to turn it on and the lights on it will tell you how intensely it’s working. It uses a built-in semiconductor technology that ensures the device stay quiet enough for bedroom while being powerful enough to capture air humidity. Besides, this gadget also works as an air purifier so you can enjoy clean and fresh air while staying away from dampness and mold.

William Ultrasonic Humidifier

If the indoor air gets too dry, it requires a humidifier that increases the moisture level by adding water vapors to the air. Instead of going for a plain model, try this stylish version that boasts a modern design and offers some useful features like the sleep mode with dimmed lights, the adjustable humidity level, the warm mist option, or the auto shut off feature. Thanks to this air humidity controlling gadget, you can adjust the humidity level all year round.