Advanced Vacuum Cleaners with Modern Features

Advanced vacuum cleaners are intelligent devices that can determine the difference between dirty and clean floors, can slow down if they sense obstacles and can be programmed to run through the day. They are robotic vacuums that are extremely sophisticated and are also very efficient, being very helpful for those with busy lives who want to clean their house without having to spend too much time. Therefore, if you want to know more about these advanced vacuum cleaners, read our article and see which are the best features.


One of the most interesting features is that the robot vacuums navigate using an integrated technology so you don’t have to sit around while they perform a cleaning cycle. They have 4 or 5 cleaning modes and they can use a circle or a spiral shape pattern to clean a certain area. Also, other modes include following the walls to the center of the room or criss-crossing in diagonals. The self-navigation feature is possible due to the sensors which help the robot vacuum to navigate around the house without driving into the obstacles. Moreover, there are some models which have small sensors all around them, so you can be sure that they will not damage your furniture or other objects.

Programmable Schedule

This is another feature that makes a robot vacuum one of the best options. The programmable schedule means that you can set the unit to clean the house several times a day and at specific times. Also, the programming is very easy because the robot vacuum comes with a remote that will help you schedule the session.

Dirt Detection

This is a very important feature because the robotic vacuum cleaners can detect dirty areas everywhere around the house. Moreover, the device will give enough attention to these dirty areas until they are completely clean. Therefore, if you want a clean house that has no dirty floor, then this is one of the features you should be looking for at a robot vacuum.

Quiet Operation

The models with quiet operation are great because they will not interrupt your sleep or any other activity, making them perfect for those who have small children. You will be amazed to see how silent is the robot vacuum, letting you enjoy your sleep while it does the chores around the house.

Mopping Feature

There are some robot vacuums that can be used to mop the floors, so if you are busy and you don’t have time to do this chore, you can look for a model that has this feature included. The newest robot vacuums can clean surfaces up to 350 square feet in mop mode, so you can be sure that your entire house will be well cleaned.

UV Sterilization Lumps

Most of the advanced vacuum cleaners have UV sterilization lamps which produce ultraviolet radiation. This means that the radiation kills the dust mites, fungus, and molds that usually thrive on the floors, thus reducing the risks of asthma or the respiratory problems in your house.